The Most Memorable Casino Scams Worldwide


As we have come to expect, wherever there is money and prizes at stake, there will always be those who try to gain positives through fraud, using some kind of loophole or device. Of course, there are some lucky people who don't get caught out, but there are a few who, although they don't win any money, may have gained fame. In this article, we've collected some of the most popular stories.


Casino Scams and Modern Websites

While there is certainly a chance, there is very little chance of cheating at today's popular online casino sites. Popular sites such as nowadays have a number of rules about what is and isn't allowed, and also heavily scrutinise the winnings from games so that both the player and the casino have a clear chance of getting a winning side.


The Biggest Scams

 1. Group of Cutters
Members of the Malaysian group used a tiny camera to memorise the cards in a Baccarat game, making tens of millions of dollars in 2010.
2. Dennis Nikrasch's Slot Trick
One of the most famous stories in Nevada casinos is linked to Dennis, who used a key to manipulate the slot machines. He was able to do this by secretly copying the original, then simply unlocking and rearranging the symbols on the reels, making him one of the biggest casino game cheats of the 1980s.
3. Dice Slips
This trick has come to the fore several times when players have been caught trying to cheat over the years. The trick is to simply slide one of the dice across the table without throwing it, thus narrowing the list of possible combinations before betting.
4. Tommy Carmichael's Slot Trick
Tommy has earned such a permanent place on the casino blacklist for a reason, having damaged thousands of slot machines and casinos over 20 years, and developed several tools to do so. For example, he used a wand to get the machine to spit out much more money at the end of the rounds than it should have, but unfortunately he was caught and convicted not only in Nevada but also in New Jersey 20 years later in 2000.

Casino Scams

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